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Gooch Oriental Rugs | Gooch Oriental Carpets | Buy online from Walton Rugs UK


Gooch Oriental Carpets are a leading company in the supply of ethically produced rugs and carpets. Their rugs are categorized as;

  • Gooch Contemporary - Vogue, Indian Summer Bamboo - Bella - Streamer - Zebra - Spring - Lazy Daisy - Rose - Kaleidoscope, Desert Storm, Sandstorm and Reflections Collections
  • Gooch Natural and Luxury - Elements, Elements Silk, Razzle Dazzle, Funky, Yeti, Super Everest and Berber Collections
  • Gooch Oriental - Bokhara, Gabbeh, Khal Mohammadi, Kazak Supreme, Kazak, Zeigler, Red Afghan, Qashqai, Shiraz, Hamadan and Meshad or Herat Belouch
  • Gooch Traditional Continuity - Lena, Buckingham Zeigler, Buckingham Keshan, Buckingham Qashqai, Silk Fluer and Sovereign Collections

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Berber Plain Wool Shaggy Rug
Berber Plain Wool Shaggy Rug
Buckingham Ziegler Wool & Silk Rug by Gooch
Buckingham Ziegler Wool & Silk Rug by Gooch
Gooch Aubusson Super Vijay Wool Rug
Gooch Aubusson Super Vijay Wool Rug
Gooch Silk Fleur Savonnerie Rug
Gooch Silk Fleur Savonnerie Rug
Gooch Super Vijay Half Moon Wool Rug
Gooch Super Vijay Half Moon Wool Rug
Goochy2 Heavy Deep Pile Rug
Goochy2 Heavy Deep Pile Rug
Razzle Dazzle Deep Pile Shaggy Rug
Razzle Dazzle Deep Pile Shaggy Rug
RRP 119.99
SAVE 20.00 (17%)
Vision Polyester and Viscose Shaggy Rug
Vision Polyester and Viscose Shaggy Rug
Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1 
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Gabbeh Pictogram Border Rug 137 x 109 cm
Gabbeh Pictogram Border Rug 137 x 109 cm
WAS 484.99
SAVE 60.00 (12%)
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Welcome to Walton-Rugs.co.uk, Waltons Fine Furnishings new online shop where you can buy modern and traditional rugs. Established since 1988  in Ilkley, West Yorkshire we are renowned for exceptional service and have supplied many of the grandest Country Houses in the Lake District, Scottish Borders and Yorkshire Dales with spectacular rugs and carpets.

Our aim is to extend our service throughout the UK delivering only the best in quality modern contemporary and traditional Oriental rugs at realistic and affordable prices that you will be proud to have in your home. You can now shop for and buy rugs online via this secure website.

To assist your navigation through our site in search of and to buy your perfect rug we have categorised our rugs online as follows;

Modern Rugs

Carefully selected modern contemporary and traditional rugs patterns based on the latest colours, design and trends. Sourced from across the world, our stylish designs are manufactured in China, Belgium, India, Nepal, Tibet and many other rug weaving centers around the world. These contemporary rugs feature textures and patterns ranging from fresh and bold to traditional and subdued. The term modern refers to the method of production often by computer controlled wilton looms using a face to face weaving method.

Designer Rugs

Fashion and Interior Designers are now beginning to bring out exciting rug ranges under their own designer labels. We show some of the best new rug ideas and talents in this category.

Traditional Hand Woven & Knotted Rugs

Traditional Hand Woven and Knotted Oriental, Persian or Tribal rugs and carpets tend to be higher in quality because of the superior high altitude wools and intensive labor required. Hand-tufted rugs, which involve stenciling a pattern on the backing of the rug and then threading yarns into the design, are less expensive. Flat-weave rugs are also less expensive because they require less labor.
In antique Oriental rugs, natural dyes are more desirable than synthetic. Natural dyes add roughly 30 percent to the cost of a rug, but they also add to its charm and its value. However, the synthetic dyes used today are available in an infinite array of colours and shades and hold their colour well over time. It is impossible without expensive laboratory analysis to be certain whether a given dye is natural or synthetic.
Though the uniformity of machine-spun wool is now becoming widespread, look for and value the effects produced by hand-spun wool in our traditional rugs. When spun by hand, yarn absorbs more dye were it is loosely spun and less dye were it is spun tightly, thus producing pleasant variegation in the colors and shades of a hand woven rug.
When buying do not mistake a thick pile for quality. In fact, the finest rugs often are the thinnest with higher knots per inch count. Still, if a rug is going to take significant traffic, it should have plenty of body.

Shaggy Rugs and Plain Rugs

Our Shaggy and Plain area rugs feature some out-of-this-world colors, but it also includes an array of more conservative and neutral colors in 100% wool rugs. Whether you're looking for wild color possibilities, such as purple, orange, lime green or pink rugs -- or tamer shades, such as white, cream, ivory, beige, camel, or sage --  or the hairiest of shaggy textures -- we're sure you'll find the rug you are seeking here.

Round Rugs and Shaped Rugs

Many people today feel that round rugs are very important for adding a bit of class and charm to a room. Among other things, using a round circular shape often helps offset the tendency towards straight lines and angles created by flagstone and hardwood floors. Even though you may want to have a perfectly circule rug, some rooms in your home may just not be suitable for this particular shape. For example, you may have a room that has a rectangle dinner table in it. Rather than buy a round rug that will not fit properly, you are better off purchasing an oval rug, or for a fireplace one that is a half moon circle hearth rug.

Sheepskin Rugs, Natural Fibre Rugs and Mats

The rustic subtleties of nature are woven into the very heart of our selection of Sheepskins, Seagrass, Sisal and Coir natural fibre rugs. Beyond simple functionality, our designs are charming and indulgent with simple colours, weaves and finished with a choice of borders. Sheepskin or Natural Fibre rugs can change the entire look and feel of your rooms, adding value, warmth and beauty. Most of all, for those seeking an environmentally-responsible choice for their flooring, natural fibres are 100% biodegradable. Natural fibres, a completely sustainable resource, are processed in an ecologically-sound manner and are of free of pollutants.

Stair Carpets and Runners

Here we offer numerous carpet runner stock ranges cut and finished to length in patterned, plain or striped options. We also offer long thin rug runners for use in hallways or continuous runners for stair step installation.
Originally hand woven then machine made, carpet runners and stair runners carpet are now (for most of them) woven, either on axminster or wilton looms (genuine jacquard wilton looms or "high-tech" face to face ones) and manufactured with hardwearing 100% wool or 80% wool and 20% nylon pile.

Sale Rugs

Occasionally our suppliers discontinue certain styles of rugs that we have in stock or make available back ordered rugs. We then offer these online at a reduced cheap rugs sale price on a first come first sold principle. Walton Rugs only offer genuine price reductions on selected rugs. We do not artificially discount our rugs instead we believe in fair pricing that allows an improved living standard for the lowly rug weavers.

Stair Rods, Underlay and Accessories

Besides the largest selection of underlays suitable for all environments and extremely functional in extending your rugs working life we can also supply you with;
 Traditional and modern Stair rods and fittings
Systems to hang your precious rugs on the wall
Cleaning and moth proofing products

or fancy a bit of aerobic exercise, nothing works better than putting your rug over an outside line and cleaning it with our Rattan Rug beater.

Manufacturer’s Rugs for sale online


  1. Alternative Flooring Company – natural fibre rugs, Seagrass, Sisal and Coir alongside fine and chunky flat woven wools in plain or striped.
  2. Crucial Trading - Mississippi striped rugs, custom made for your rooms, halls or stairs.
  3. Gooch Oriental Rugs - full range including shaggy rugs Razzle Dazze, Elements, Funky, wool Berber rugs, traditional Wilton and modern tufted striped rugs.
  4. Plantation Rugs - The Plantation Rug Company has been weaving their passion into exceptional rugs since the 1930s. Rich colours and intriguing textures shine through the unashamedly tactile 2013 range. Each rug in the touchy-feely collection is hand-crafted in a choice of fibres and designs that provoke the senses. Ranging from the boldly abstract in turbo-charged colours, to elegant traditional themes with a subtle, modern twist.
  5. Lano Stair Carpets and Rugs - produced in Belguim and offer quality at fantastic prices in both traditional classic designs as well as modern and shaggy rugs in rectangular, runners, stair carpets, round rugs and octagonal shapes. Lano produce rugs by the powerloom wilton method and their most popular rugs are Concorde, Farsistan, Kasbah, Kamira, Rimini, Royal, Nain, Scorpio, Spirit and Tivoli pattern ranges.
  6. Hand Made Carpets Ltd - has worked closely with all of its major suppliers to build a strong bond of mutual dependence and understanding. This link means your absolute assurance of quality control and an in depth understanding of the way of life of the weavers involved in the vital first stages of production, an area that has attracted a lot of adverse publicity in recent years.
  7. Persian Carpet Art Ltd - one of the leading specialists in Oriental carpets in the UK, supplying high quality pieces to department stores, specialists and independent retailers. The company specialises in furnishing pieces and also offers the largest selection of Decorative Oversize, square and unusual carpets in this country
  8. Tabriz Rugs - offer wool rugs in traditional Persian, European or Oriental design patterns - a variety of colours and styles that are timeless. Many inspired by the great masterpieces  in the Royal courts of Europe and the Orient throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.  Tabriz rugs are durable, but at the same time exquisite, with intricate designs made possible by the high quality wool used.